Want an idea for something unique to do for your houseboat vacation?

Start a vacation Scrapbook!

It is easy enough to do and everyone can contribute. Collect memorabilia along the beautiful warm sandy beaches, add some flowers or leaves and dry press them. Add to it every day writing down what you did.

Your guests can add to it as well, keep it on the table so anyone can jot down stuff throughout the vacation. Tell them to add little messages or funny memories like the time you woke up floating in the middle of the lake cause you didn’t moor down properly…thankfully you didn’t float past the border cause then that’s a whole new story 😉

Be sure to take photos with a camera and don’t rely on your phone, yes they are great for a selfie here and there but as the saying goes, “Pictures are worth a thousand words and are forever priceless” so make sure you bring along a camera to capture all those picture perfect moments. Also be sure you bring extra batteries, no one wants to have a dead camera when that eagle lands nearby or a sunset spills the sky with a rainbow of oranges and reds. Don’t forget to empty your memory card prior to coming… the dreaded memory full message is not a welcoming sight! Better yet bring extra’s…better to be safe than sorry. Last but not least, enter your favourite photos into Sunshine’s Photo Contest where the top prize is a FREE houseboat holiday. Just email them by clicking HERE.

When vacation time comes to an end and you’ve gathered your book together, you will forever have all the wonderful memories and a book filled with pages full of sunshine!