Sunshine Marina offers moorage slips for any boat size. The season is from June 15th – October 15th. There is a public boat launch at our Marina and Sunshine can set up a charge account for fuel and items purchased at the marina for our moorage clients. Annual HSBT fees includes basic water, appliance winterizing and basic spring summarizing.

Watercraft Moorage

  • Up to 20’ with neighbor $900

  • Up to 20’ no neighbor $1275

  • Up to 24’ with neighbor $1000

  • Up to 24’ no neighbor $1375

  • Up to 30’ with neighbor $1200

  • Up to 30’ no neighbor $1575

Location and/or spacing may modify pricing. Pricing is for the season (late June-Sept.). Annual moorage fees do not include spring launch or fall pulling. Moorage fees for small boats do not include land storage for trailer or winter storage.

Houseboat Moorage

  • Annual (up to 44′) $3,900
  • Annual (over 44′) $4,900
  • Monthly $1,200
  • Weekly $350
  • Daily $55

Dry Summer Houseboat Storage . $80/day April 1 to September 30. Due upon receival. Sunshine has limited summer dry houseboat storage spaces and spaces are only to assist houseboat owners in repairing unsafe or non seaworthy vessels . Neglected or abandoned boats not attended to may be subject to marine leins and may be confiscated if payment or lack of effort to make said boat operational and environmentally safe is done and/or daily storage are not paid on time.
Dry Winter Houseboat Storage – $10/day Oct 1 to March 31. Due upon receival. 

Applicable taxes will apply. Moorage fees do not include septic removal. Interest of 2% will apply on all overdue accounts. SHVL reserves the right to update prices at any time without notice. Insurance is the responsibility of the owner. All moorage subject to limited availability.


Sunshine Marina offers storage for most sized boats:

Covered Small Boat Storage

Options include:

  • 3 & 4 sided winter storage sheds (Max boat size 24 ft long, 11 feet high)
  • Large tents for up to 24 ft long. Rates starting from $750 for covered winter storage (9 months)
  • Navigloo tent system $600/winter. Custom/Exclusive to boat with concurrent winter storage (9 months)
  • Summer shed rentals $60/month


Uncovered Small Boat Storage

Options include:

  • Open Winter $4/linear ft/month (September 15th to June 15th)
    • Add Tarping for $200
  • Open Summer $5/linear ft/month (June 15th to September 15th)

Houseboat Storage

  • Open Winter $4/linear ft/month (Sept 15 -June 15)
  • Summer, see Moorage fees above

Winter storage is included in the annual Houseboat Moorage fee for moorage clients.

Moorage and Storage for houseboats is charged annually. Sunshine does not have summer houseboat storage at this time. If you cannot launch your boat and it must remain dry docked due to safety or personal reasons, you will be charged the annual rate regardless. Exceptions can be made for special circumstances (death in family, critical illness of the boat owner) at the discretion of management. 

Sunshine can store (dry dock) houseboats from September 15th to June 15th (or when water levels allow for launching).

Boat Trailer Storage

  • Daily trailer storage $15/day, max two days
  • Offsite Boat Trailer storage is available for $75/season. Limited availability so inquire as soon as possible. Includes one pick up and drop off. Extra retrievals $25/time.

    Applicable taxes will apply. Storage does not include summer dock moorage. Interest of 2% will apply on all overdue accounts. SHVL reserves the right to update prices at any time without notice. Boats requiring greater heights for land storage are subject to special quotes. Insurance is the responsibility of the owner. All storage subject to limited availability.

    Moorage Waitlist

    At this time we do not have any more rental slips available. If you would like to be added to our Moorage Waitlist, please complete the below form and we will reach out to you if a slip becomes available.

    This information allows us to assign slips appropriately, as some slips are more difficult to drive into.