Smart Packing can be such a chore but it doesn’t have to be. Due to the number of items we provide to you on your houseboat and with the tips provided you will be packed up in no time!

Packing your clothes:

Ladies, it’s a Vacation, leave the closet at home!  Pack up light items, lots of bathing suits which take up no room at all, sarongs are great they roll up small so they are great for saving room, Shorts galore, T-shirts are great, bring a sweater for chilled evenings.  Extra Sunglasses, leave the Gucci’s at home, dollar store will provide some great ones that you won’t care to break or lose.  Your bra’s can be tricky but a good tip, fold up your underwear and place them in the cups to keep their shape and fold over. Bring and extra set of shoes

There’s a great video link below that is a great help for knowing how to pack to utilize every inch of your suitcase (he is packing for a month so if you follow the guidelines packing for a week at most will be a breeze


  • Many times have we seen our guests pack way too much food where they are having to take it back or it gets left behind at our marina.
  • Plan your meals ahead of time or even better pick up the casserole metal containers from the dollar store and pre-make your meals.
  • Snack foods are a really good idea, with all the things to do on your vacation you will need to replenish your energy with a snack until dinnertime.
  • Don’t forget the s’more ingredients
  • Hot dogs and burgers are always great easy to pack items

Remember the following Items are mandatory to bring:

  • All Your Bedding, Sheets/Blankets/Pillows however, I would suggest bring your sleeping bags due to they already roll up to be compacted and it’s less laundry to do at the end.
  • Towels, you’re going to get wet!
  • Dish Towels
  • We provide you Bio-degradable shampoo and conditioner so leave those at home.

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