Enjoying your family fun vacation or whooping it up with friends, Sunshine Houseboats on Lake Koocanusa has the answer!

Whether you’re renting a houseboat for a 3 night weekend, week long voyage or just an overnight adventure – we have you covered!

Okay, so you have your friends or family and a houseboat – now what? We have a few suggestions for you …

Add any watercraft rental to your vacation; stand up paddleboard to a 220 horse-powered wake boat and we’ll give you 20% off! But that’s not where it ends because we include a set of adult water skis and your choice of a wake board or a knee board for free. Maybe you’d like to rent a tube for some added excitement – we have that too!

Begin your cruise of Lake Koocanusa from the southern end by our marina to the northern end by Rock Cliff islands where you can hike to the top to find your inner adventurist. The islands are a popular stop for tourists who delight in the stunning scenery and warm clear waters below. Speaking of adventure, Rock Cliff Islands is known for cliff diving into the lake or swinging on the Tarzan rope that was installed years ago from an unknown visitor.

Now it’s time to find some big sandy beaches for fun in the sun; castle building, sun tanning, swimming or enjoying the water slide from your houseboat. The kids get to build castles, throw the ball for the dog and enjoy the water. Maybe you want something different for supper and decide to grab your fishing rod and bait, if that’s the case we have a few suggestions there too!

Fishing on Lake Koocanusa is a very popular sport where anglers find the best tasting fish; Cutthroat, Rainbow, Bull trout and Kokanee. Trolling with baited or small silver and red lures are the most popular methods used by anglers. We’ve also heard that Ford fenders, wedding Rings, kernel corn, maggots and worms are quite successful. We suggest a 6 or 7 pound test line as well. Unfortunately we don’t sell licences at our marina but for a quick easy purchase you can go online HERE.

For those of you who want to take in the impressive scenery like the mountains,  the rivers and the lake or how about the majestic wildlife like the moose, bear, painted turtles, loons, and eagles. Be sure to pack along your camera, your binoculars or maybe you’re the creative type and want to pack your canvas and paints. Lake Koocanusa is abundant in beautiful natural surroundings and is just waiting for you to explore!