The summer season is fast approaching and while enjoying the outdoors, beach sand in your toes, the sounds of nature all around but then you hear a familiar sound…grumbles can be heard from beneath your waistline.  Suppertime! But what to cook?

Here are some great recipes that are super easy, some great finds that have me drooling such as the Dutch oven Potatoes – potatoes, bacon and cheese… the perfect combination.  Also the nachos look extra scrumptious, the link below has a few that I know you will love to feed your friends and family.

Useful Ideas:

  • If you want to have steamed veggies, wrap in tinfoil and place a few ice cubes in before you toss it over the heat
  • Cook an egg in an orange peel
  • BOIL WATER IN A PAPER CUP – I put this one in caps because it’s unbelievable yet true and no I am not crazy. hahaha  Here’s the thing about water– it’s a fantastic thermal con­duc­tor and as long as it’s under normal atmospheric pressure (15 psi or so), it will not get hotter than 212 degrees in its liquid form.  Since paper doesn’t burn until 451 degrees, you can lit­er­ally take a cheap paper cup, fill it with water, and put it directly on the coals of a fire. You may have to exper­i­ment with the right brand of cup, but basi­cally the water will prevent the paper from burning. Next time you’re out camping, whip out the old Dixie, fill it with water from the local stream, put it right on the coals, and when it’s done, CAREFULLY pick it up, throw in some hot cocoa, and look at your friends like, “Yeah, that’s right, Wile E Coyote Genius here”. Oh and lastly keep in mind:  Any mate­r­ial that is not directly in con­tact with the water WILL burn, so watch out for extended seams or irreg­u­lar surfaces.
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  • Want some cinnamon rolls? Click HERE to view.
  • Click HERE for recipe ideas
  • How much to serve? Click HERE for a quick guideline

If you have some great meal ideas to share please do so and I look forward to trying them! I’m sure everyone will enjoy these and I’m sure there will be no leftovers.  Happy full bellies to all!