Your houseboat vacation is booked. The date is coming soon. You have all the clothes, toiletries, and food you could possibly use! But you feel like you’re forgetting something… You just might be! Here is a small list of a few of the favourite items we like to make sure we have before making our departure.

Phone or MP3 Player Loaded with Music!

Each Sunshine Houseboat is equipped with a sound system and everyone has their own favourite music genre! Don’t get stuck listening to your aunt’s ‘Rock Me Amadeus” on repeat. Make sure you have your playlist full of all your favourites!


Lake Koocanusa is a whole lot of lake with unending places to explore! So whether your bring your paddle boat or floaties, you’ll be thankful you did! But if you don’t have either of those, do not fret. We rent paddle boards, kayaks, and more. Maybe our Super Air Nautique Wake Surf boat will be up your alley!

Your Favourite Lawn Chair

We all have our favourite lawn chairs and if your plan is to relax, we suggest you bring it! On the boat, on the beach, partially in the water. There is hundreds of kilometers of undeveloped shoreline, so plan to get comfortable by bringing your absolute favourite chair!

Beer & Koozies

Sunshine Houseboats is an unlicensed operation, so we highly suggest grabbing your brews before you get here. If we might suggest, two of the best breweries in British Columbia are on the way. If you’re coming through Fernie, make sure to stop at Fernie Brewing Co. If you’re coming through Cranbrook, stop at Fisher Peak Brewing Company. And don’t forget your koozies to keep your beer cooler in the hot sun!!


Koocanusa may very well be one of the most exciting places in British Columbia. The activities are truly unlimited. It would take you an entire summer to get bored. Because of that, you can get played out! Sometimes it’s nice to chill on the beach with a beer and some bocce or get out of the sun with a cocktail and a crib board. So bring a couple games, even if you think you won’t need them!

Your Favourite Hoodie

While the summer days are hot, the nights can be cool. But now that we think of it, leave your favourite hoodie at home! We have a brand new KOO CAN USA hoodie for you to help you remember your trip. You can buy them at the Driftwood Store. The most popular being our unisex cowl hoodie!

Fishing Rod & License

Even if you’re not your everyday fisherman, there’s nothing better than fresh fish for dinner. Perch, Kokaneee, and Trout can all grace your lines and it is so worth it!!